Pratt & Whitney Canada’s PT6A-52 engine has been selected to power Piper Aircraft, Inc.s Piper M700 Fury aircraft. The announcement marks the first time the PT6A-52 engine will be used to power a single-engine turboprop.

The two companies worked closely to integrate an electronic low-oil-level indicator, the first of its kind on a Piper aircraft, that facilitates the pre-flight process while also offering a maximum cruise speed of 301 knots true airspeed, a maximum climb rate of more than 2,000 feet per minute, 25% improved take-off field length and landing performance compared to the M600SLS aircraft, a maximum take-off weight of 6,000 pounds and a capacity of six passengers.

“During our 55-year collaboration with Piper, we’ve had the privilege of powering some of the most successful single-engine turboprops in the industry,” said Anthony Rossi, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at Pratt & Whitney Canada. “The M700 Fury is an evolutionary addition to the Piper line-up that includes the PT6A-42A-powered M500 and M600 programmes.

“In total, we have supplied Piper with 12 different PT6A engine models, delivering 3,100 engines to power more than 2,000 Piper aircraft,” added Rossi.

“The Piper M700 Fury highlights the longstanding relationship between Piper Aircraft and Pratt & Whitney, solidifying our commitment to delivering unparalleled product to our customers,” added John Calcagno, President and Chief Executive Officer of Piper Aircraft. “The PT6A-52 engine in the M700 Fury retains its full 700 shaft horsepower up to 24,000 feet, giving the aircraft exceptional power at high altitudes.”

Image: RTX PT6A-52 Piper M700 Fury