Embraer has announced the next generation of its AHEAD (Aircraft Health Analysis and Diagnostics) system at the Paris Air Show. 

The tool helps airlines with their predictive maintenance on their E-Jet, or Executive Jet, fleet and uses data to identify or predict issues before they become critical.

Indian airline Star Air recently benefited from this upgraded maintenance tool, as part of its wider Pool Program Services agreement. Star Air leased four E175s in 2022 and two of them have started operations since May 2023.

The AHEAD Premium tool is aimed at enhancing the dispatchability of Star Air’s E175 fleet, as it comprises early detection capabilities.

AHEAD uses predictive analytics solutions to forecast when maintenance tasks will be needed by our customers, allowing them to plan maintenance schedules in advance,” said Johann Bordais, President and CEO of Embraer Services & Support.

“By planning in advance, they can avoid unnecessary maintenance and reduce the time that aircraft spend on the ground. This helps our customers optimise their resources and improve operational efficiency,” added Bordais.

Currently, more than 1,250 Embraer Commercial and Executive aircraft are using AHEAD worldwide.