KSNL Aero LLC has announced that it is now looking to support North American based regional aircraft operators with their upcoming maintenance requirements.

With record levels of demand for aircraft maintenance across North America, KSNL Aero is positioning itself to deal with the current market conditions by further increasing its range of maintenance support solutions for aircraft owners and operators, with the Shawnee based aviation company now looking to support regional aircraft owners.

Darrin Lofton, KSNL Aero President said the following about KSNL Aero’s regional aircraft plans: “We have a loyal customer base that is made up of aircraft owners and operators across North America, for us increasing our MRO presence within the regional aircraft market is a natural next step for our maintenance facility – this allowing new customers to experience our high level of aircraft maintenance and quality support which our current customers know KSNL Aero for.”

KSNL Aero LLC, is an FAA certified part 145 aircraft maintenance and repair station located at Shawnee Regional Airport, Oklahoma. With an impressive new 26,000 square foot hangar, the company is available to support aircraft owners and operators across North America with a wide range of maintenance solutions – from their next 100 hour, annual, phase, progressive inspection, or maintenance check requirement.

The team behind KSNL Aero is made up decades worth of industry experience, with the company’s Chief Inspector having over thirty years of experience working on turbine and turboprop aircraft. The company is owned by two aviation professionals: an experienced business owner, airline owner and commercial ATP Pilot with over thirty years of experience operating Turbine, Turbo Prop and Reciprocating Engine Aircraft in the lower 48 and Hawaiian Islands, and an experienced business owner who holds IA Certification with experience in cfr14 part 145, part 121, and part 135 operations as an Owner, Accountable Manager, Agent for Service, President, Director of Maintenance, Chief Inspector and Technician.