Heart Aerospace has joined the Regional Airline Association (RAA). By joining the North American trade association, Heart Aerospace will receive its unique insight and will help contribute to the evolving government policy discussions on battery-powered electric flight.

The Swedish electric aircraft manufacturer is developing the ES-30, a regional electric aircraft seating up to 30 passengers, driven by electric motors and battery-derived energy. Heart Aerospace intends the ES-30 to both reopen lost air markets and decarbonise routes flown by the current generation of regional aircraft.

“We’re delighted to join the RAA and deepen our commitment to the North American market,” said Anders Forslund, CEO, Heart Aerospace. “We believe that electric and hybrid electric air travel, by offering lower operating costs, can enable airlines to restore and expand connectivity. And this can be achieved with significantly lower emissions compared to conventional aircraft and other modes of transport.”

Image: Heart Aerospace ES-30 over water