Air Mediterranean is the 100th partner airline to be available on all Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) following a single contract with a sister company of Hahn Air.

The H1-Air by Hahn Air Systems and X1-Air by Hahn Air Technologies offer airlines the ability to offer their flights in Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport and other major GDSs under the codes H1 and X1, reaching 100,000 travel agents in 190 markets.

“We are proud that our solutions, H1-Air and X1-Air, are in great demand among airlines and make a huge difference in their distribution by delivering incremental revenue,” said Adriana C. Carrelli, Vice President of Airline Business, Hahn Air. “Whether our partners want to reach secondary markets, expand their target groups or even outsource their entire GDS distribution to Hahn Air, our products perfectly complement every airline’s distribution strategy.

“For travel agents,” continued Carrelli, “this is a huge advantage as H1-Air and X1-Air allow them to conveniently book flights in their GDSs that were previously inaccessible.”

The codes H1 and X1 are used to sub-host a portfolio of airlines from 67 countries across six continents, including low-fare and regional carriers such as southern Africa’s fastjet, Mexico’s TAR Aerolineas, Volaris and Aerus, and Caribbean-focused airlines Divi Divi Air and World2Fly.

Image: Adriana C. Carrelli, Vice President Airline Business, Hahn Air