GAL Aerospace has launched a solution to increase overhead bin capacity for regional airlines operating the Dash 8 Q400 aircraft with classic interiors.

The solution is part of an ongoing product development effort by GAL Aerospace to improve the customer experience and extend the service life of Q400 aircraft fitted with classic interiors by providing a plug and play replacement for the original bins.

“Our overhead bin solution for the Q400 was developed in response to an identified demand from regional airlines and aircraft leasing companies such as our launch customer, Nordic Aviation Capital,” said Jonathan Cornwell, vice-president of business development and sales for GAL. “With our design now fully certified by the Canadian, American, and European authorities, we are very excited to move forward in support of regional aircraft customers.”

GAL Aerospace argues that “insufficient” overhead bin space poses a challenge to on-time departures and means airlines need to employ “expensive gate check or plane side service to mitigate the problem.”

The replacement overhead bin solution is designed to accommodate standard roll-aboard bags, which GAL Aerospace suggest would remove the need for a gate check service and improve passenger experience.

“The Q400 is an incredibly versatile aircraft that will continue to play an important role in the regional market for many years to come. Our overhead bins and other regional aircraft interior products will enhance the customer experience, reduce the cost for the airline, and allow better service integration during fleet expansions,” said Glen Lynch, president and CEO of GAL Aerospace. “The Dash 8 family of aircraft is part of the fabric of the Canadian Aerospace industry and we are proud to play a role in supporting the global operators.”

Image: GAL Aerospace

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