Emma Kelly / Singapore

Embraer is confident that it will see more prospects for its E-Jet E2s in the Asia-Pacific region come to fruition this year, with the type seen as an ideal complement to larger narrowbodies.

“We are having lots of dialogue with operators we haven’t before,” said Embraer President and CEO Francisco Gomes Neto. “We are confident that we’ll see some developments in the Asia-Pacific region this year,” Martyn Holmes, Chief Commercial Officer, Embraer Commercial Aircraft, told LARA.

Malaysian carrier SKS Airways and Singapore Airlines’ low-cost subsidiary Scoot are both introducing the E2 into service in the region this year. The E2 is perfect for opening new routes and markets, said Neto. He also pointed to the potential for the E2 in China, with the type being a good fit for the market due to its efficiency, with a 25% reduction in fuel burn compared with earlier generation types. Embraer is working with potential customers, partners and the government to introduce the E2 into China, he said. The E195-E2 and E190-E2 both have type certification from the Civil Aviation Administration of China.

Scoot has signed a contract for Embraer’s expendable spare parts inventory management programme, the Embraer Collaborative Inventory Planning, ahead of the entry into service of the first of nine E190-E2 jets “in the near future”.

Embraer and CAE have also inaugurated the Asia-Pacific region’s first E-Jet E2 full-flight simulator, located at the Singapore-CAE Flight Training Centre near Changi Airport. The FFS will support E2 operators in the region, with pilots from Scoot already starting their training.

Embraer brought an E195-E2 to the Singapore Air Show sporting a new Tech Eagle livery.

Image: Embraer