Elfly Group has secured a US$8 million-plus grant from Enova SF, a Norwegian government enterprise responsible for promoting environmentally friendly production and energy consumption. With the grant, Elfly will progress with the production of a full-scale prototype of the Noemi all-electric commercial seaplane ahead of its anticipated first flight in 2025.

With the funding, Bergen-based Elfly will support the Norwegian Government’s commitment to the transition to emission-free domestic flying by 2040, with the manufacturer pledging to reduce CO2 emissions by approximately three million tonnes worldwide with its Noemi seaplane by 2050.

“Our team is delighted by the recognition and endorsement of Noemi, our all-electric seaplane,” said Eric Lithun, CEO of Elfly, thanking Enova SF and Espen Barth Eide, Norway’s Minister of Climate and Environment for “recognising our business case and aligning with our programme as a viable solution.”

The Noemi all-electric amphibious seaplane will carry nine to 13 people, powered by two electric motors with up to 1MW combined output and lithium batteries. The non-passenger variant is expected to take its first flight in 2025, with commercial air journeys of 200 km, flying at up to 250 kmh, expected from 2030.

In July, Elfly announced Electric Power Systems (EPS) as its battery supplier during EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. Now, Elfly is prioritising the confirmation of its engine provider, which is yet to be announced.

Image: Elfly Noemi