Deutsche Aircraft has announced that Latecoere will be its strategic supplier of doors for the 40-seater D328eco regional turboprop.

Latecoere will manufacture all six doors for Deutsche Aircraft’s D328eco regional turboprop for the duration of the programme. This will include the passenger door, service door, cargo door, two emergency doors and hatch door.

The first doors will be delivered by 2025. Latecoere’s engineering office in Toulouse, France, will also support the 2D-to-3D design phase of the doors prior to manufacturing.

“Deutsche Aircraft and Latecoere share the same ambition for sustainable aviation. Building on a strong heritage and next-gen innovations, the D328eco will meet its challenges, and as a tier 1 partner, we are extremely proud to contribute to its journey with our leading door expertise and capabilities,” said Greg Huttner, Deputy CEO of Latecoere.

Maximilian Fahr, Vice President of Supply Chain at Deutsche Aircraft, added: “With this contract, we are one step closer to finishing a fully robust supply chain that satisfies our operational efficiency criteria and supports our long-term sustainable strategy with the inclusion of Latecoere to our industrial partner portfolio.”