As the Airbus A220 enters widespread service, CPaT has announced the release of its new A220 Aircraft Systems Course. This in-depth and interactive distance learning course provides an advanced teaching experience for A220 pilots and is available now for training.  CPaT’s team of highly qualified subject matter experts and course developers created a detailed course to support the growing number of A220 operators and pilots.  CPaT’s A220 Aircraft Systems Course can be modified or “tailored” to meet your unique training and regulatory requirements.

Captain Greg Darrow, Vice President of CPaT Global, stated that, “CPaT has developed this comprehensive training course for pilots flying the A220 due to growing demand from our clients and the airline industry.  Our training syllabus provides detailed and interactive instruction that keeps pilots engaged in remote learning.  Clients have responded quickly to our new offering and CPaT has already delivered the course to airlines in Asia and Europe.”

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