Bhutan Airlines has launched AirFi in-flight entertainment (IFE) for passengers onboard its A319-100 aircraft. The Bhutan-based airline has deployed AirFi IFE in a bid to become the carrier of choice in the region.

Passengers will be able to use the AirFi wireless network through their own mobile device, allowing access to a variety of Hollywood and regional films, television series and documentaries, as well as a moving flight map, music and magazines.

Pema N. Nadik, CEO, Bhutan Airlines, believes the new IFE system will significantly improve the travel experience for the airline’s passengers: “These new systems are part of our ongoing efforts to improve our services and provide our customers with the highest level of comfort and convenience. AirFi is a proven leader in portable wireless IFE and can provide a perfect blend of entertainment to complement our passenger demographic.”

According to early feedback from Bhutan Airlines’ passengers, the air map has become the most popular element of the IFE system. The moving map boasts features including a display of aircraft position and direction, altitude, airspeed, elapsed flight time and remaining time to destination.

“I’m always happy when AirFi’s low capex business model and easy-to-deploy solutions can enable a carrier like Bhutan Airlines to introduce IFE for their passengers,” said Job Heimerikx, CEO, AirFi, who believes that the partnership has ample room to grow.

“When Bhutan is ready to add new features to the IFE offering or wishes to boost ancillary revenues from onboard sales, we will be ready with flexible, tailor-made options,” added Heimerikx.

Image: Bhutan Airlines