Sustainable regional aircraft manufacturer, AURA AERO, and Thales have partnered up to develop a new generation of connected avionics solutions, adapted to electric and hybrid regional aircraft. 

AURA AERO is currently pioneering the ERA (Electric Regional Aircraft) project – the first European 19-seater hybrid-electric regional aircraft. Thales, as part of this partnership, will work together with AURA AERO to design an avionics suite specifically adapted for the ERA.

This will include a cockpit solution, a land-air connectivity solution and a digital platform.

Commenting on this partnership, Jérémy Caussade, Co-founder and President of AURA AERO, emphasised the importance of decarbonising aviation: “[This] is not limited to propulsion systems. The objective [of the partnership] is a first step.”

He also added that AURA AERO wanted to “pass a new milestone in the energy transition of aviation,” and that this partnership with Thales is key.

Jean-Paul Ebanga, VP of Flight Avionics at Thales, also said: “The FlytX cockpit system is the ideal solution to support the revolution of uses proposed by AURA AERO. We are happy to participate in the ERA project, a project that takes advantage of the technological investments which we have made these past years and contributes to paving the way towards a safe and sustainable electric regional aviation.”