The New-Zealand based regional carrier Air Chathams has confirmed its presence on travel industry Global Distribution Systems (GDS) Amadeus and Sabre, providing increased exposure and international integration for the “growing regional airline.”

Bookings will be available to agencies aligned with the platforms from the 1st July 2019. This latest technology development for the airline follows its website upgrade by Tomahawk and the new booking system implemented by Travel Technology Interactive (TTI).

A GDS provides a computerised platform for sales between travel agencies, other airlines, hotels and car rental companies as global network travel industry providers and uses real-time information like seat numbers available on a flight, the number of hotel rooms or cars available to the travel trade, mainly travel agents, both in New Zealand and around the world.

The airline said when a travel agency in Sydney requests a reservation on an Air Chathams flight, the global distribution system then sends the request direct to Air Chathams booking system, in turn saving the passenger and agent from having to make additional or separate arrangements.

“Simply put, it gives Air Chathams routes much greater visibility from wherever you are, making it easier to put together combined travel itineraries to and from all Air Chathams destinations,” the airline said in a statement.

The airline also said the move will provide it with the ability to support interline air travel in the future (checking bags all the way through), calling it a “much desired service provision which will be greatly welcomed by regional and international passengers once operational.”

Released to the travel trade and industry at the same time are the latest Group Booking Travel Terms offered by the airline for groups of 10 passengers or more.

Air Chathams commented, “These are truly significant steps for a regional airline making its name in New Zealand for its quality service and customer care.”

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