United is moving all 14 of its Boeing 737 MAX 9 aircraft into long term storage in Goodyear, Arizona, while it awaits the outcome of the MAX crisis. The area was selected due to its dry conditions, that allows aircraft to be stored outside in the elements where they’re not subjected to too much damage. According to USA Today, United will fly 12 737 MAX 9 aircraft from Houston to avoid hurricane season as well as pick to the two remaining MAX 9s it has in Los Angeles, which must be moved due to ongoing construction at the airport.

“United is fully committed to the safe movement of all our MAX aircraft and we have clearance from the FAA to conduct these ferry flights,” the airline has said in a media statement.

With its MAX fleet stored out in the desert, it is likely that the airline will extend the service suspension of the MAX beyond its 3 November deadline. Some within the airline, have stated off-record that this could roll into 2020.

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