Eric Lindblad, head of Boeing’s 737 programme at Renton, Washington has announced his retirement. Lindblad’s retirement comes less than 12 months after he took over the Renton plant to overcome the engine and supply problems. Despite resolving these issues, these problems would be overshadowed by the two fatal crashes involving MAX aircraft.

“I am grateful to Eric Lindblad for his strong and tireless drive in leading the 737 programme, as he has navigated some of the most difficult challenges our company has ever faced,” wrote Kevin McAllister, CEO for Boeing’s Commercial Aircraft. “He shared with me his desire to retire last year, and we will now begin to embark on a thoughtful and seamless transition plan.”

New Mid-Market programme vice-president Mark Jenks will assume Lindblad’s role of 737 programme head at Renton, stated McAllister. Jenks led the 787 programme, during what McAllister referred to as some of its most challenging years, and has held several leadership roles within Boeing’s defence and space divisions.

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