Franco-Italian turboprop maker ATR has announced that it plans to reduce its production by 50% in response to the COVID-19 impact. ATR announced on 2 July that it has delivered 67 aircraft last year and now only expects the 2020 figure to be between 30 and 35. As a result the production line staff will be reduced by 204 positions with 186 of these being at the facility in France.

“The aviation industry, along with many other industries, is facing the most significant economic crisis we have ever experienced,” said ATR chief executive Stefano Bortoli. “Despite actions taken to absorb the initial shock of COVID-19, it is with a heavy heart that ATR must now adopt such measures to adjust to the overwhelming challenges we face to ensure we are ready to adapt our competences to the new future of regional aviation, keeping all engagements with our customers; supporting the fleet worldwide, and pursuing the development of products that can open new markets, such as the ATR 42-600S short takeoff and landing, and the ATR 72-600F freighter.

“In the meantime, we will make every effort to support ATR team members and ensure that where possible the reduction in our workforce will be on a voluntary basis,” he said.

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