Following the collapse of Aigle Azur, bids to take over the French carrier numbered at least 14 before the deadline closed on the 9 September. Among those bids submitted was one from Air France.

One of the 14 offers presented, Martin Surzur, president of Aigle Azur SNPL union said, there were two “main” proposals. One of them is most probably Air France, which according to the union source quoted by Franceinfo, offered to inject 15 million euros into the company and hire up to 70% of the French employees of Aigle Azur. Dubreuil group, the parent company of the airlines French Bee and Air Caraibes, also offered the same amount, but only plans to keep 106 employees.

The commercial court is due to make an announcement later this week.

Despite the bids to save the airline, up to 13,000 of Aigle Azur’s passengers remain stranded and struggling to get home, according to Secretary of State for Transport, Jean-Baptiste Djebbari.

Air France has already chartered four flights, two per day on 7 and 8 September and will continue to do so. These flights are predicted to last for three weeks, or until the situation is back to normal.

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