Zelf Vliegen, the Dutch GA training facility, has selected Tecnam’s P-Mentor for its fleet renewal programme. The four P-Mentor aircraft will be used for both Private Pilot Licence (PPL) and Multi Pilot Licence (MPL) courses.

Zelf Vliegen’s decision to replace its fleet follows the price increase of its current training aircraft from 2018, and is part of its vision to build a professional and universal fleet of modern aircraft. The Tecnam P-Mentor fleet meets the requirements of both Transavia’s Airline Pilot Programme as well as Zelf Vliegen’s ATO training rules.

“With this new modern fleet, Zelf Vliegen sees that the positive developments of the past year will continue in 2023,” said Angelique Buitenhuis, CEO and CFO of Zelf Vliegen. “A multitude of training flights are already on the agenda for the first quarter, and as far as Transavia’s Airline Pilot Programme is concerned, there will even be two classes starting the flight phase of their training in 2023,” added Buitenhuis.

According to Tecnam, flight training schools that operate the Tecnam single and twin-engine fleets can save up to ten tonnes of CO2 emissions for every student graduating with a Commercial Pilot licence.

“Commercial aviation has a huge demand for pilots,” said Walter Da Costa, Chief Sales Officer, Tecnam. “Tecnam offers solutions to train pilots in the most efficient and safe way. Our P-Mentor is a unique solution in the market ensuring reliability, cost control and smart training,” he added.