The General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) the regulatory federal body which oversees aviation-related activities in the UAE has announced that it will await a decision by its US counterpart as to when it will allow Flydubai’s 737 MAX back into its skies.

A statement issued by the GCAA to the main newspaper in Dubai, The National said the regulator’s decision on the MAX will reply on the FAA’s assessment.

The authority told the newspaper: “The GCAA is working with the FAA on the certification of the 737 MAX and is in close coordination with Flydubai. The GCAA return-to-service [decision] will be based on the review of FAA design certification and validation of training.”

Flydubai is the UAE’s only 737 MAX operator, but is currently with second largest operator of the type.

The FAA is currently working with Boeing to come to a decision on when the MAX will fly again. It was expected that the aircraft would be cleared to return to service before the end of the year. But, Boeing now hopes that the aircraft will be cleared to fly again in January 2020.

Currently, Boeing said in a statement: “We are working towards final validation of the updated training requirements, which must occur before the MAX returns to commercial service, and which we now expect to begin in January.”


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