In order to meet the demand caused by fleet renewal, TARMAC Aerosave a subsidiary of Airbus Group, Safran Aircraft Engines and SUEZ, is unveiling a new cutting tunnel for civil and military narrow-bodied aircraft. Once the wings have been disassembled, the fuselage is cut into sections which are then recycled in the same way as the sections produced by the company’s cutting gantry at their Tarbes site, but this new method has the advantage of being mobile. TARMAC is now able to meet the growing demand for dismantling of aircraft anywhere in the world, with their mobile, autonomous system.

“This is a world first which enables us to export our know-how. Aircraft don’t just cut to TARMAC Aerosave, TARMAC can now go to the aircraft. This new system gives us even more flexibility in terms of improving our cutting processes,” says Patrick Lecer, chairman of TARMAC Aerosave. The machine can cut-up a single-aisle aircraft fuselage in just a few hours.

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