Italian based aviation company, Superjet International, is set to continue its activities with a new United Arab Emirates (UAE) shareholder. 

An agreement was reached between Mark AB Capital Investments, the UAE shareholder, and Russian United Aircraft Cooperation (UAC), which provided for the sale of all 49% shares held by UAC to Mark AB.

The acquisition of the shares is dependent on approvals from the Russian and Italian governments. Following its success, the new shareholding structure will be split between Mark AB (49%), Studio Guidotti International (41%), and Leonardo (10%).

“This agreement  has a great value for our company, as the interruption of industrial and commercial relations with UAC will allow the company to no longer be burdened by the limitations resulting from the sanctioning regulations set by the European Union.

SJI will once again demonstrate the excellent technical skills of its employees, who have managed to face a difficult period with integrity and a sense of responsibility” said Camillo Perfido, CEO of SuperJet International.

The entry of the new shareholder, and the unfreezing of SJI’s shares and assets, are
mandatory prerequisites, without which the Relaunch Plan cannot be implemented. This Relaunch Plan was drawn up together by SJI and Mark Capital AB, and envisions investments of € 190 million, of  which €110 million will go to the Venice site.

Such investment will make it possible to support the development of new aircraft configurations, the construction of the new SJI branch in the UAE, as well as the continuous development of the aircraft to address market competition.

(Image credit: Superjet International – media library. Image of SSJ100)