India’s SpiceJet has taken delivery of the first 90-seat Q400 turboprop aircraft from Bombardier Commercial Aircraft.

The aircraft was handed over to the airline, which will be the launch operator for the extra-capacity, high-density seating version of the aircraft. “We are excited to induct the 90-seat Q400 aircraft into our fleet,” said Ajay Singh, chairman and managing director. “The additional seats and performance improvements will result in substantial reduction in unit costs and also we will be able to address our market needs in the regional space.”

“The delivery of the first 90-seat Q400 aircraft showcases the commitment of Bombardier’s Q Series turboprop program to respond to customer requirements as they address traffic growth in regional markets,” said Todd Young, head of the Q Series aircraft programme at Bombardier Commercial Aircraft.

“This is a very important milestone for the Q400 aircraft programme because the 90-seat option demonstrates the increased profitability potential that this unique turboprop has to offer,” said Colin Bole, senior vice-president, commercial at Bombardier. “The increased passenger capacity allows 15% reduction of seat cost compared to the previous standard Q400 aircraft and provides an enormous benefit for airlines.”

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