Ryanair is due to announce another big order for the Boeing 737 MAX. This time for the larger -10 model, as opposed to the airline’s exclusive -200.

The airline is one of Boeing’s largest customers and the is seeking to gain some leverage with the aircraft manufacturer for future aircraft orders. According to Reuters, the group’s chief Michael O’Leary revealed the Ryanair Group is in talks with Boeing for an undisclosed number of aircraft. Currently the airline has an open order for 135 examples of the 737 MAX 200 of which it has received none.

O’Leary stated: “We are already in discussions with Boeing. We have an offer on the table for an order for new MAX 10s, which is a 230-seat aircraft.”

He further added: “TO be fair to them [Boeing] I don’t think the new management team is in a position to be able to talk to us about a new order. We understand that, but we have an offer in and we expect at be at the head of the queue.”

The airline wishes to leverage its position in order to receive a favourable deal on any potential order for the MAX 10, seeking a good price and a delivery date as soon as possible.”

But, nothing can be agreed to before the MAX is back in the skies.