Ryanair could be cutting up to 900 jobs according to recent video statement given by Michael O’Leary. A report on simpleflying.com, states that the airline is expecting far fewer aircraft in the air for the 2020 summer season than originally planned. This is due to a large order for the renamed 737 MAX, which is now dubbed the Boeing 737-8200 by Ryanair, is on hold, due to the continued worldwide grounding.

O’Leary said he was expecting to have 58 of the aircraft in service for the 2020 summer season, but has since reduced this total down to 30 aircraft. Which is presumed to be the best-case scenario. Aviation analysts believe this figure could be far lower.

Currently, this means that the airline is operating far fewer aircraft on less routes. The reduced schedule means that the airline now has a surplus of pilots and cabin crew. As resignations have ‘dried-up’ since the start of the year, the airline is now looking at cutting its staff numbers – up to 500 pilots and around 400 cabin crew. The first round of redundancies are expected to be announced this month.

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