FIA2022: Emerald Airlines signs Global Maintenance Agreement with ATR

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New Irish regional carrier Emerald Airlines and ATR, have signed an eight year Global Maintenance Agreement (GMA). Through this contract, which also covers propeller availability and maintenance services for its entire ATR 72-600 fleet, the airline will benefit from the repair, overhaul and pooling services of Line Replaceable Units.

The ATR 72-600 is the backbone of the Irish regional carrier’s growing fleet, an airline which provides invaluable links for growing communities who can rely on quick and modern access to essential goods and services.

Richard Spencer, Director of Engineering and Fleet at Emerald Airlines said: “We are very pleased to have signed a Global Maintenance Agreement with our partners at ATR. Entering into an agreement and forging a close working relationship with the aircraft manufacturer, will prove to be significantly advantageous in all aspects of our airline. We will no doubt benefit from the team’s vast experience and operational support as we continue to develop Emerald’s network. We look forward to working closely with the team at ATR.”

“An aircraft is only valuable when it is flying,” said David Brigante, Senior Vice-President Customer Support and Services at ATR. “For over 20 years, ATR has been reducing operators’ maintenance costs and increasing time in the air through maintenance and repair. This contributes to making regional air transport ever more reliable, accessible and sustainable. We will be supporting Emerald Airlines at every step of its expansion plan, offering our expertise to ensure it can make the most of its ATR fleet.”

FIA2022: de Havilland announces design weight increases and cabin enhancements for its Dash 8-400

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De Havilland Aircraft have announced that it will design weight increases and cabin enhancements, which include an industry first OEM collaboration with SpaceX’s Starlink to enable high speed broadband on its aircraft.

“Our solutions offer our operators many opportunities to increase operational flexibility and to provide a passenger experience that is equivalent to that on new production aircraft. In addition, our design weight increases for the Dash 8-400 aircraft will allow operators to meet the increasing passenger weight allowance requirements mandated by Transport Canada, the FAA and various other aviation authorities, without any impact on revenue,” said Jean-Philippe Côté, Vice President, Programs, De Havilland Canada.

The proposed design weight increases with provide an increase of up to 1360kg in payload, and add an extra 907kg to the maximum take-off weight of the Dash 8-400. An increase of 295kg is also being developed in the aft baggage compartment, for operators who need additional baggage weight carrying capabilities. Offered in multiple standard categories, these weight increases can also be customised by De Havilland Canada to meet the specific needs of an operator. This increased fuel tankering also gives operators greater operational flexibility and cost optimisation.

For cabin interiors, De Havilland Canada is introducing a new set of features to enhance passenger appeal, providing functionality and flexibility. These features include:

  • Satellite-based Internet Connectivity from Starlink enables high speed, low latency broadband internet worldwide, providing passengers with a premier internet experience not available from any other satellite or air-to-ground system.
  • Wireless In-flight Entertainment (IFE) System that provides passengers with wireless access to a wide variety of content on their personal electronic devices. The single-line replaceable unit that can be installed in the overhead bins, offers reduced weight and maintenance compared to a seat-back IFE solution. The unit can be powered by batteries or by aircraft power.
  • USB In-Seat Power at all passenger seat locations. The system doesn’t impact passenger leg room and is compatible with any seat type.
  • An Overhead Bin Extension Solution for earlier models of Dash 8-400 aircraft. This cost-efficient and environmentally friendly solution provides additional stowage volume in the Dash 8 aircraft’s cabin and is the perfect solution to meet growing passenger requirements for more baggage space.
  • Pictorial illuminated signage that aligns with signage in airport facilities and facilitates the remarketing of aircraft by eliminating the need for signage translations.
  • Upgraded interior décor that includes soft materials in the cabin (carpets, dado panels, bulkheads, seat dress covers etc.)
  • For earlier models of Dash 8-400 aircraft, brighter LED cabin lighting that will provide a cool, dimmable lighting system along ceiling panels, and under the bins, as well as adjustable PSU reading lights.

FIA2022: Embraer captures over 250 LOI’s for its new regional turboprop

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In a recent announcement that saw Embraer, the Brazilian manufacturer, discuss its market outlook, the company also disclosed a massive success with its new – yet to launch – next-generation regional turboprop with ‘well over’ 250+ LoI being announced from airlines.

Whilst being LOIs means it will still take time for any firm commitments to materialise, Embraer are hopeful that some of these customers will move forward with their decisions in the next 9 to twelve months, and that the company will be ready to announce even more firm PAs next year.

“We will have to finalise the engine selection (…) but this is a signal that we’re moving in the right direction. There is a lot of interest in this aircraft and a good sign of what’s happening in the market,” said Arjan Meijer, President and CEO of Embraer.

The first model of the turboprop aircraft next-generation is expected to be available in 2028, whilst the second model will be in 2029.

FIA2022: New Lessor Abelo signs agreement for 20 ATR aircraft

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Newly formed Lessor Abelo and ATR, announced the signature of Heads of Agreement for 10 brand new ATR 72-600. The leasing company is also to confirm an order for 10 ATR 42-600S (the Short Take-off and Landing, or STOL, variant) previously signed by Elix Aviation in 2019. First deliveries of the ATR 72-600 will start in 2023, while the first STOL version will be delivered at the end of 2024.

Steve Gorman, Chief Executive Officer of Abelo, said: “We firmly believe that turboprops are the technology of today and tomorrow and this is why we are investing in the ATR platform. This new deal is further proof of our commitment to create growth and value for regional operators, providing them with the most modern, profitable and sustainable aircraft on the market. As we are looking to expand and become the go-to lessor of turboprops, our strong links with ATR will prove invaluable.”

Stefano Bortoli, ATR Chief Executive Officer, commented: “Abelo is a perfect partner for ATR and a force to be reckoned with in the regional aviation market. With today’s order for 20 aircraft, they demonstrate their long-term confidence in our product family and shine a light on the many opportunities that exist for operators across the globe. The financial community and leasing companies in particular have been unswerving supporters of ATR throughout the years, and will keep playing a key role.”

ATR new market forecast, unveiled today, shows a strong demand across the world for turboprops over the next 20 years. This appeal for the most responsible and affordable regional aircraft is already confirmed through this new deal, as well as through the fact that the manufacturer has recently managed to place its entire portfolio of second-hand aircraft.