Quadrant New Simulator

Quadrant Pilot Training announced an enhanced Airline Pilot Standard Multi Crew Coorporation Course at its training centre near London Gatwick Airport, UK.

The course is aimed to help pilots achieve the highest standards required by Commercial Air Transport Operators. It will be offered on either Airbus A320 or Boeing B737 NG Full Flight Simulators. It will include four days of ground school and 40 hours in the simulators. For holders of Integrated Airline Transport Pilot Licence, the simulator phase is reduced to 35 hours. Quadrant Systems combines industry knowledge, course content and training specialists to deliver the training,

“The benefits of using our Level D Full Flight Simulators cannot be overstated as it provides the same training environment experienced by Pilots undergoing Type Rating Training,” said Nick Bendall, Managing Director, Quadrant Systems, adding that the course also enables “a seamless and easy transition for pilots progressing onto Type Specific Training.”