A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Airbus A320 has crashed into a residential area in Karachi. The Airbus was carrying 90 passengers and eight crew and was on route from Lahore to Jinnah International Airport. The aircraft, registered AP-BLD took off at 1300 local for the one hour and 45 minute flight to Karachi.

The flight appears to have been uneventful until the 15 year old A320-200 approached Karachi. The Airbus crashed into a residential area near Karachi’s Model Colony district. At least six to eight houses and a number of vehicles have been destroyed.

The Airbus had previously been operated by China Eastern Airlines before being sold to PIA. An eyewitness at the scene told Gulf News that an engine was on fire prior to the crash:

“I saw a PIA plane with one engine on fire and suddenly there was a blast and the aircraft fell on the houses in the area. At least six to eight houses are on fire while rescue teams struggle to make their way through the narrow streets to rescue people.”   

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