Norwegian has entered into a five-year contract with Boxever, the AI-driven personalisation platform for solutions to form the backbone of the airline’s long-term personalisation strategy.

The airline’s plans include a roadmap to deliver a more relevant, personalised customer experience across its customer interactions, with Boxever’s Personalisation platform acting as the “brain” behind it’s customer facing channels, as the airline aims to improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue.

Kei Grieg Toyomasu, SVP of marketing in Norwegian, commented: “The more we delved into data-driven communications, the greater the potential proved to be. We look forward to accelerating this, leveraging Boxever’s personalisation technology and expertise.”

Norwegian’s personalisation strategy aims to utilise the range of data in an airline in order to deliver a more customer-centric experience throughout, from prospecting to customer care and retention. The companies said the CDP will also enable a leaner marketing tech stack enabling reduced IT costs and streamlining of the marketing processes.

Jon Williams, chief revenue officer at Boxever, said: “We are extremely proud to work with Norwegian to help them deliver on their long-planned and considered personalisation strategy. The fact that the airline has a dedicated personalised strategy and team is proof of its intention to put the customer experience first but is also indicative of the value that companies are witnessing in terms of the solid ROIs that personalisation does deliver.”

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