Southwest Airlines, the largest operator of the 737 MAX has stated that it will not attempt to rename the aircraft when it comes back into commercial service.

According to Flightglobal during the Boyd Group International Forecast Summit in Las Vegas, the airline made it clear their intention for the future of the aircraft by stating:

“We will not change the name of the aircraft. That would be disingenuous…It will still be called the MAX for us.”

The airline added: “Our philosophy is to be completely open and transparent with our customers, just as they’ve come to expect from Southwest.

“We have said publicly that if a customer is concerned about flying on a MAX, we will offer them the flexibility to change their itinerary. We know we will have to work to do to educate and inform our customers about the impending software enhancements and any additional training required once the FAA authorises the safe return to service of the MAX, and we’ll do so in a very deliberate, open and transparent manner.”


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