Mitsubishi has started its regional certification flights with its MRJ90. The company confirmed that the tests are providing ‘good results’. But declined to elaborate on any specifics.

Representatives from Mitsubishi stated: “We have begun certification flight tests, in line with our plans to begin early this year.” Jeff Dronen, from the company said: “Certification flight testing will be ongoing, and we will continue to coordinate with the aviation authorities.”

The testing is taking place at Mitsubishi’s facility at Moses Lake, US. The company is believed to have at least four MRJ90 aircraft at the site. FlightAware data indicates that an aircraft, registration number JA24MJ, made two flights on 3 March and 4 this year.

The initial deliveries for the launch customer All Nippon are now expected in 2020, The MRJ has been in development since 2008 and was scheduled for delivery in 2013.



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