Magnetic MRO and a Saudi MRO company First Premium for Support Services (FPSS) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for joint EASA-compliant MRO operations in Saudi Arabia and the region.

The two companies have agreed to jointly establish and develop wheel & tire, brake, oxygen refill and battery shops in Jeddah. At later stages of the co-operation, the companies will also consider launching an engine stands hub, operated by Magnetic MRO’s subsidiary EngineStands24, as well as EASA 147-compliant technical training school and EASA 145-compliant line and base maintenance facilities in a Saudi Arabian port city of Jeddah.

Risto Mäeots, the CEO of Magnetic MRO said the company was “delighted to join hands” with FPSS “to develop a wide range of high quality level aircraft maintenance services in Saudi Arabia and across the region.”

Mäeots added that the new partnership is in line with Magnetic MRO’s vision to support the development of the regional aviation industry in Saudi Arabia and the region.

Sheikh Ghassan Omar Attar, the CEO of Saudi travel company Attar Travel, as well as the CEO and owner of the Jeddah-based First Premium for Support Services, said: ”We strongly believe, the new agreement between Magnetic MRO and FPSS will provide us with a substantial boost in supporting the needs of our aviation clients and bring us to the leading position on the aircraft maintenance market of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

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