British design agency LAYER has unveiled Move, a new concept for economy class seating for Airbus using smart textiles for short to mid-haul flying. The use of such textiles will allow passengers to monitor and control various factors such as seat tension and temperature via a Move app, also designed by LAYER. The concept encourages passengers to move throughout the flight, improving passenger comfort and safety. The adaptable, lightweight seat structure reduces the onboard weight of the aircraft, resulting in significant fuel savings. The Move concept has been 18 months in development and is part of an ongoing relationship between LAYER and Airbus dedicated to improving the flying experience.

The prototype seating comprises a perforated composite frame with a knitted, one-piece sling seat suspended over it. This innovative cover is digitally knitted to form a smart textile with integrated conductive yarn and connected to a series of sensors and the Move app. This forms a holistic system that allows passengers to measure and control variables – including temperature, seat tension, pressure and movement to enable users to easily and intuitively maintain their comfort.

Throughout the flight, the Move seat sensors monitor passenger movement and temperature and send the data to the Move app, which sends targeted messages to the passenger encouraging them to move in order to improve comfort. Prompts to get up and move around the cabin to improve circulation and reminders to stay hydrated to regulate temperature will be included.

As well as improving passenger comfort, Move has been designed to drastically reduce the weight carried onboard, compared to standard economy seating, so improving fuel efficiency.

Move can be configured by both airline and passenger pre-flight to fit a wide variety of passenger and in-flight needs. The Move IFE system can be configured so enabling airlines to offer different levels of service and product based on cost, weight and flight scenario.

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