JetBlue has collaborated with climate technology company CHOOOSE to launch a new SAF-dedicated climate platform. The new platform, powered by CHOOOSE, allows JetBlue customers to estimate the CO2 emissions of their flight, providing the option to contribute to a fund that covers the cost premium of SAF compared to conventional jet fuel.

The launch of the platform is part of JetBlue’s effort to advance the use of SAF, believing that once SAF becomes more widely accessible and cost-effective, it will be the “most promising avenue” for addressing emissions. In 2022, SAF accounted for approximately 0.3% of JetBlue’s fuel consumption.

“The call from our customers for more sustainable air travel has only gotten louder and louder,” said Sara Bogdan, Director of Sustainability and Environmental Social Governance at JetBlue. “With this new platform, customers are now able to measurably reduce the environmental impact of air travel, as well as join their voices with JetBlue and our growing list of partners as we work and advocate for a more sustainable future of aviation.”

According to Andreas Slettvoll, CEO, CHOOOSE, the climate tech company is pleased to join JetBlue in its efforts to transition from traditional jet fuel to SAF: “Airlines, governments, NGOs and travellers alike must come together to scale the production and use of SAF and other low-emission alternatives.”

JetBlue has been regularly flying using SAF provided by Neste and World Energy from its San Francisco and Los Angeles airports, and in 2022 signed additional future supply agreements with Aemetis, AIR COMPANY and Fidelis New Energy. JetBlue aims to convert 10% of its total fuel to SAF by 2030.

Customer contributions to the SAF fund will both aid in the purchase of additional SAF as well as seeing consumer demand for more sustainable air travel options, helping to drive the emerging SAF market.

“This is how we change the emissions at their root cause,” added Slettvoll, “by giving passengers the opportunity to opt for alternatives to fossil fuel.”