India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has revealed additional requests to deregister three Boeing 737-800s, one 737 MAX 8 and an ATR72-500 that were operated by Jet Airways.

Filings show that Pembroke Aircraft Leasing has requested the deregistration of 737-800s (MSNs 36825 and 36827), while owner Wings Aviation has requested the third example (MSN 37961) to be deregistered. The last request has been filed by Wilmington Trust, who is named as the mortgagee of the aircraft.

SMBC Aviation Captial has also requested the same action for a 737 MAX 8 (MSN 44863), while a further request has also been made to have ATR 72-500 (MSN 758) removed from the register.

The ATR request appears to have been filed by Investec Bank, which is the mortgagee. Its owner is listed as INV Jet Leasing, which is located in Dublin.

By 8 May, the DGCA had requests covering 14 aircraft and completed 60 deregistrations of aircraft that were formally operated by Jet Airways.

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