Russia’s Irkut Corporation has completed construction of its third MC-21-300, to be used as part of its ongoing flight test programme.

The aircraft was transferred on Christmas Day from the final assembly shop to the flight test unit of Irkutsk aviation plant. Test results from the first MC-21-300 aircraft during its certification tests were taken into account in the production of the latest aircraft, said the company.

The components and units of the fourth flight test aircraft are currently being assembled at the plant, it added. The first two aircraft are taking part in ongoing certification tests.

The aircraft for static testing is at the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI). The fuselage was delivered to the institute and, after assembly of the airframe, will begin endurance tests.

Yuri Slusar, president of Irkut’s parent company UAC, said: “In 2018 flight and ground certification tests of the aircraft prototypes confirmed the main design solutions. UAC enterprises have begun to manufacture parts and units of MC-21-300 aircraft intended for customer delivery.” He added that further flight tests and production intensification for the mass production of the aircraft “are the main tasks of 2019.”

Denis Manturov, Russian Minister of Industry and Trade, commented: “Construction of the new aircraft and certification tests of the first aircraft confirm that the MC-21 programme is developing steadily. As part of the programme, a deep modernisation of aircraft manufacturing enterprises was carried out, new high-tech companies were created, and an environment for development of promising civil aviation projects was formed.”

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