Green Africa

Airbus has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Nigeria’s Lagos-based Green Africa Airways for 50 A220-300 aircraft – one of the top orders for the A220 programme and the largest ever from the African continent.

This purchase will allow the airline to reach new destinations and unlock routes that were previously unavailable. The aircraft will integrate well into the African airport network due to its low capacity, flexibility and high efficiency. 

Founder and CEO of Green Africa Airways, Babawande Afolabi, commented, “Together with Airbus, we are incredibly proud to announce the largest order ever for the A220 from the African continent. The Green Africa story is a story of entrepreneurial boldness, strategic foresight and an unwavering commitment to using the power of air travel to create a better future.”

Green Africa put the brakes on the launch of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft as they were unable to be delivered due to the ongoing crisis. Although the status of the Boeing order is unconfirmed, the commitment to the A220 is a significant step forwards for the airline. 

The airline aims to develop its place in the African aviation marketplace by building a strong network and becoming a vital LCC.

“We are excited about the Green Africa project, its legitimate ambition and is professionalism, evidenced by their most discerning choice for their operating assets,” said Christian Scherer, CCO of Airbus, before adding, “We look forward to our partnership with Green Africa and to accompany their development with the most efficient aircraft in its class.”