On 19 March, flydubai operated flights across four continents in order to repatriate citizens.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, airlines have played a big role in returning people to home soil but flydubai has reached destinations including Thailand, Sudan, Russia, Iran, Croatia, and Egypt under the approval of the UAE’s General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA). The airline has even reached Somaliland and Afghanistan, operating 23 rescue flights so far.

Visitors stuck in the UAE were flown out of Dubai International Airport Terminal to their home countries, with UAE nationals boarding the plane for the return flight. Not only were people bought back to their home countries, but the airline was able to deliver various medical supplies in both directions on these flights, and whilst many airlines are providing repatriation flights, flydubai excelled by offering them free of charge.

The CEO of the airline, Hamad Obaidalla stated that the airline will remain focused on contributing to an easy movement of goods to where they are needed and bringing people home before adding, “We look forward to resuming our operations when the time is right and we are working closely with the authorities.”