A joint venture (JV) has been formed by Avionica and GE Aviation aimed at maximising the value of aircraft flight data.

GE has acquired an ownership stake in Avionica, with the JV to combine the latter’s suite of flight data management solutions (including Wi-Fi, cellular and satellite connectivity) with the former’s analytics expertise and digital products. These will address customer needs in flight analytics, aircraft health management and flight operations, with the new agreement to improve the flow of flight data and enrich the data at speeds and scale supported by industrial internet technologies.

The companies say the JV will enable new levels of efficiency across a range of flight operations including air transport, with the combined solutions available with existing certifications for more than 300 models of aircraft including Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Embraer and Cessna aircraft. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

John Mansfield, chief digital officer at GE Aviation, said: “Our customers increasingly require a lightweight solution for data flow to and from their fleet. The flow of rich and continuous data provides insights into asset condition that were not previously possible.”

Raul Segredo, Avionica’s president, commented: “Avionica’s wireless data collection and transmission technology enables advanced data analytics by accessing important flight information, such as engine and aircraft health data, wherever the aircraft is operating around the world.”

Avionica’s satellite and cellular wireless technologies support the transfer of small and large flight data sets with global coverage, economical cost and simple installation. The companies say the combination of real-time and post-flight connectivity with edge technology provides customers options to increase the value of flight data while managing connectivity costs.

Mansfield continued, “Applying physics and data science expertise together, on continuous data, helps create the analytics needed to provide increased detection lead time, reduce maintenance burden and improve asset availability.”

The companies say that timely and complete data access enables more precision in the predictive maintenance applications that will impact the safety and efficiency of aircraft operations.

Miami-based Avionica has delivered more than 8,000 Quick Access Recorders (QAR) around the world with Supplemental Type Certification on more than 300 aircraft models including air transport, business and general aviation aircrafts. Its wireless data collection system is 99.5% smaller than comparable wireless QAR, it says, while weighing 97% less.

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