easyJet has announced that its to trim staff levels by as many as 4,500 workers as a cost-saving measure. The airline stated that 30% of its workforce could go, along with a significant number of its aircraft. This comes just days after shareholders voted against Sir Stelios Haji-loannou’s bid to remove senior executives from the company,

The UK LCC has not revealed how many staff will go, but given that its current staff level is 15,000, 30% would mean around 4,500 employees. In a statement seen by simpleflying.com, Chief Executive Johan Lundgren said:

“We realise that these are very difficult times and we are having to consider very difficult decisions which will impact our people, but we want to protect as many jobs as we can for the long term.

“We remain focused on doing what is right for the company and its long-term health and success, following the swift action we have taken over the last three months to meet the challenges of the virus.”

The airline is planning to restart flying on 15 June, but with a significantly reduced network of flights. Currently, the UK government’s proposal to quarantine arriving passengers from 8 June has dashed any hope easyJet may have had to capture some summer holiday traffic.

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