EasyJet has announced that it reached an agreement with Airbus on the deferral of 24 aircraft deliveries to 2025-2027.

As an attempt to save its core business structure, the LCC stated that it intends to focus on a smaller market, so is pushing the aircraft delivery to a later time. The carrier expects the crisis to end no sooner than 2023, thus, drastic measures are inevitable.

In May the company had to lay-off 4,500 employees. EasyJet was pushed by its founder Stelios Haji-Ioannou to annul the order, but other shareholders managed to agree on pushing deliveries for the later time.

“The changes agreed defer capacity in the medium term while continuing out long-term strategy of replacing out older fleet with advanced and lower fuel burning A320neo family,” stated Johan Lundgren, easyJet CEO.

On 15 June the budget carrier resumed operations, although with a much reduced staff and schedule. By August easyJet expects to resume flying to almost three quarters of its route network.

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