European Union Aviation Safety Agency have certified Universal Avionics Systems’ ClearVision Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS) with SkyLens head-wearable display.

The product will allow operators to obtain a clearer vision of approaching obstacles in-flight and the ability to approach or take-off in poor visibility. As a result, airlines are expected to see an improvement in schedule times and avoiding diversions

The ClearVision EFVS incorporates head-up display (HUD), head-down displays and Universal’s SkyLens head-wearable display. The product exhibits enhanced vision and synthetic vision imagery, combining both images into one vision format to create an extended, detailed path of flight.

The system uses an external camera to display an augmented outside-view in real-time to the visor. It does not inhabit some of the limitations that traditional HUD or head-down displays possess, as the SkyLens field of view “is basically unlimited and depends on where the pilot is looking.”

“The certification of our EFVS with SkyLens is a breakthrough in commercial aviation,” said Universal CEO, Dror Yahav. “Aircraft operators can now take advantage of major enhanced flight vision capabilities and safety improvements with our proven ClearVision solution. This marks the first civil certification of a [head-wearable display] and the first EFVS to land solution for line-fit passenger aircraft.”