CAE and low-fare carrier AirAsia have launched a new pilot training innovation that will help strengthen the ability of instructors to deliver standardised training in accordance with the airline’s standard operating procedures.

The CAE Rise training system was announced at the Singapore Airshow, with the system to start being used during the first half of this year. The new innovation also enables instructors to objectively assess pilot competencies using live data during training sessions. It will also equip AirAsia and CAE training stakeholders with deep analytical insights and a new source of data to enhance the airline’s pilot training programme, they said.

Nick Leontidis, group president, Civil Aviation Training Solutions, said CAE Rise “also augments the instructors’ capability to identify pilot proficiency gaps and evolve our airline partners’ training programmes to the most advanced aviation safety standards, including AQP/AQTP and Evidence-Based-Training (EBT) methodologies”.