BAA and L3Harris

BAA Training and L3Harris

L3Harris, a global aerospace and defence technology innovator, and BAA Training have signed a multimillion-dollar contract which will see the acquisition of nine RealitySeven full flight simulators.

Align with its plans for global expansion, BAA have invested in nine simulators of aircraft from the Boeing and Airbus families including Boeing 737NG and the Airbus A320neo. Market specialists have stated that there will be an increase in demand for narrow-body aircraft, Boeing and Airbus specifically which are expected to accumulate 98% of all narrow-bodies delivered by 2029.

The RealitySeven simulator provides a high fidelity pilot training experience whilst “maintaining high degrees of reliability, maintainability, and supportability for training center operators. It also reduces power consumption through its digital electrified control loading and an electric motion system which also results in minimal operational life costs.

Based on a modular system, the RealitySeven includes elements that are specific to the aircraft type. The user is able to ‘swap out’ the aircraft modules to coincide with their training requirements, designed to eliminate the need to replace the entire simulator.

“BAA Training’s selection is testament to the quality of our devices and the skills and expertise of the engineers who develop them. We look forward to supporting BAA Training expand their capacity by providing these industry-leading devices,” commented Robin Glover-Faure, VP of Sales and Marketing of Commercial Aviation for L3Harris.

The first four simulators are expected to be approved and prepared within the next year, to be situated at BAA Training centres in Vilnius, Lithuania and Barcelona, Spain. The remaining amount are said to be implemented by the beginning of 2022 throughout Spain, Vietnam and Italy.

“Following the aircraft preference among the operators in Europe and Asia, we are not only set to provide training solutions of the specific types…but also to ensure the highest training equipment standards. BAA Training shares the same mind-set to aviation training quality, therefore, we are confidently entering this substantial deal,” said Egle Vaitkeviciute, CEO of BAA Training.