ATR is working on the development of a short-field version of its ATR42-600, and predicts that there’s a market for 800 aircraft over the next 30 years.

Potential customers are airlines serving island destinations, where runways are short with limited room.

The new version, the ATR42-600S is being designed to fly from 800m runways. The company is looking to achieve this without spending huge amounts on its development. Changes will be made to the flaps, spoilers, the rudder and brakes. Head of region, Asia-Pacific, Christophe Potocki said: “The empty weight will be reduced by installing lighter seats and galley fittings – but not by altering the structure.”

The market for 800 aircraft is estimated by including all aircraft with 20-42 seats. Cargo delivery into locations with only short runways is also seen as a source of future demands.

No exact number of aircraft in the launch order is required. “ATR will consider the quality of the customers, as well as the size of their commitments. The manufacturer is looking for a mix of airline and lessor customers,” Potocki said. Orders could be announced at the Paris Air Show and a first delivery made 2-3 years after the launch of development.

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