ATR has received certification from EASA to extend the intervals between the Type A maintenance checks from 500 to 750 hours for all of its aircraft series.

ATR say the 50% increase in intervals will allow customers a significant reduction in aircraft maintenance costs and an increased aircraft availability of one additional day every 1,500 flight hours.

“This certification reflects the robust maintenance policies and procedures that we have worked to put in place,” said Tom Anderson, ATR’s SVP Programs and Customer Services. “ATR consistently strives to innovate and develop its products and offer enhanced support to our operators. Every airline wants their aircraft flying as much as possible and by extending the intervals between maintenance checks, ATR is ensuring that our aircraft will spend more time in the air and less on the ground, generating increased revenue potential.”

Anderson added: “The next step is now to target an escalation of the C Checks to provide even more value.”

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