ATR has delivered the first ATR 72-600 with the brand new PW127XT engine to its launch customer, Air Corsica.

With the firm order for five new ATR 72-600 announced at Dubai Airshow in 2021, this delivery marks an important step in Air Corsica’s fleet upgrade and sustainable development.

The new PW127XT engine offers a 20% reduction in maintenance costs and a 3% improvement in fuel consumption. The aircraft cabin will also be equipped with USB charging ports, a first for any ATR aircraft.

The airline will also be optimising the maintenance of its entire fleet, signing a 12-year global maintenance agreement.

Marie-Hélène Casanova-Servas, President of Air Corsica’s Supervisory Board, commented: “ATRs are central to our model of air travel in Corsica. They have proven to be the right product for our short-haul operations, enabling us to limit our impact on the island’s pristine environment and to meet our passengers’ demand for quick, frequent, reliable, and yet lower-emission air travel.

“Selecting both the latest generation turboprop, the newest engine on the market to equip it, and the best maintenance programme to optimise its reliability makes perfect business sense, and moreover, is the most responsible choice.”

ATR’s CEO Nathalie Tarnaud Laude said: “As our product evolves to meet new market needs and incorporates further innovations, it remains the most reliable, efficient, cost-effective aircraft on the market, as well as the most sustainable platform to operate regional routes. This makes ATR and Air Corsica a perfect match.”