Embraer has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with an affiliate of Apollo, with respect to commit US $1.5 billion customer financing program for Embraer’s regional aircraft.

Apollo will offer a comprehensive range of bespoke solutions across customer and delivery financing.  The program also includes options to explore financing for customers’ ESG focused projects, such as the development of green technologies.

“Working closely with Embraer, Apollo has created a range of efficient and cost-effective financing options that offer our customers the individual flexible arrangements they need,” said Antonio Carlos Garcia, Embraer’s CFO.

Martyn Holmes, CCO Embraer Commercial Aviation, added, “Embraer is known for its customer focused, innovative solution driven approach to the market. Apollo’s customer financing program continues Embraer’s drive to provide our customer with even more financing solutions, continuously raising the bar on focusing on what customer’s really need.”