A specialist in aircraft spares, AJW Group, has purchased an Airbus A319 aircraft for teardown. 

The teardown will mean that the A319 components can recertified at AJW Group’s maintenance hub in Montreal and other vendors. The parts that pass will be stored in the strategic hubs around the world and exchanged or sold to support airlines with an extensive portfolio of A320 family aircraft. 

The global fleet of Airbus A320 has seen an increase in demand in recent months so these teardown projects allow AJW Group to bolster its inventory and become “the ‘go-to’ source for A320 material for the next decade.”

Ian Main, Chief Financial Officer of AJW Group said, “At AJW Group we have an extensive inventory of Airbus spare parts located in strategic hubs across the world. This teardown is the first in a series of airframe and engine tear-downs this year as part of our commitment to ensure that our valued-customer’s operations are supported through access to our pool of high-quality components.”