AirAsia X (AAX), the medium to long-haul affiliate airline of AirAsia Aviation Group, has announced the appointment of Farouk Kamal as Independent Non Executive Director, effective immediately, following the company’s recent confirmation of a new strategy to transform low-cost, long-haul air travel.

The appointment of Farouk Kamal reflects a new era for AAX as the airline embarks on a new strategic direction for a sustainable and viable future.

AAX Senior Independent Non-Executive Director and Nomination Committee member Dato’ Fam Lee Ee said: “We are thrilled to welcome onboard Farouk Kamal, who brings a wealth of experience and corporate governance oversight in the areas of finance, investments, equity raising, corporate transformation and diversification. He will help inject a fresh perspective for the new strategic direction of our relaunched AAX and support the upcoming initiatives AAX is preparing to undertake.”

AAX Co-founder and Non-Independent Executive Director Tony Fernandes said, “Farouk is coming in at a great time as AAX had record sales this week. We look forward to his contribution as an experienced board member. AAX is an important part of our overall group expansion strategy which completes the broad ecosystem of portfolio companies and overarching transformation goal to become the global leading travel and lifestyle platform of choice.”

AAX Independent Non-Executive Director Farouk Kamal said:”This is an exciting time to join AAX as it resumes operations as a new look airline and embarks on a journey to revolutionise great value medium to long-haul air travel across Asean and beyond, to Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Europe. I’m confident of AAX’s new chapter as a combination carrier, focused equally on cargo and passengers to make flying longer haul commercially viable and as affordable as possible for our guests.

“I look forward to working with the AAX board, AAX CEO Benyamin Ismail and the senior leadership team to help take the airline to new heights.”