Regional Spanish carrier, Air Nostrum, has signed up with Ideagen to enhance safety, quality and risk management with the company’s Coruson software.

Air Nostrum is the latest aviation organisation to implement Ideagen’s Coruson solution – an enterprise cloud software application that aims to provide the airline with control, visibility and real-time reporting of every detail and aspect of safety and operational risk.

The software will be adopted by Air Nostrum as well as its Air Operator Certificate (AOC) and MRO companies such as Medops, Hibernian, PLYSA, TAC, Flyest, Paranair and ANTA with more than 1000 users.

Fermin Tirado, chief maintenance officer, Air Nostrum, said the software project with Ideagen “will help to transform and ultimately enhance our quality, safety and risk management operations.”

Air Nostrum currently operates as a franchise of Iberia, under the International Airlines Group (IAG) and employs more than 1,450 employees.

Steven Cespedes, Ideagen’s Head of Aviation, said: “We are delighted to have this opportunity to work with Air Nostrum in relation to their safety, quality and risk management solution in what is a very exciting time for the company and the product globally.”

As part of the project with Ideagen, Coruson is expected to enable Air Nostrum to carry out and have visibility over; audit assurance activities, reports and investigations (including those aligned with EASA 376), proactive risk management via bowtie modelling of risks, and safety performance oversights via dashboards and safety performance indicators (SPIs).

Image: CRJ1000 Iberia Regional – Air Nostrum

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